Saturday, 28 November 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn Week 57 23rd-27th Nov 2015

This week sees flooring going in everywhere - so lots of floor pics in various stages
apologies for the poor quality of images....batteries running down...

 entrance hall underway...
the hallway now completed

washroom floors in progress

 the enormous room is conquered in one day! 
 Meanwhile, the joiners upstairs get on with the rest of the staircase construction
 and the first few boards go down

all cleaned up and sealed ready for grouting

 brewhouse relocated - too muddy outside and too many mice in the stable...
& John enjoyed his 'hot' pie at lunchtime
 the slates that are left are all in the entranceway for now....

On Saturday, after overnight drying time for the last sealing off in the entrance, boots were off to keep the floors clean

big room now grouted, home to the tile cutter for the weekend - oh yes, and the microwave!
 drying room door trimmed and last slates in place and sealed - grouting next week

upstairs the flooring makes it up to the landing, but is protected whilst in it's unfinished state
 plenty of wood left for the 2nd half of the room....
 the finished balustrading looking good - will be measured up for the glass next week

kitchen base units stored in the big barn
and worktops and sinks alongside the Massey Fergie - its all nice and dry and everything is off the floor but think we'll move them into the bunkbarn next week

Saturday finds the Herdy boys in their favourite early morning spot why do their eyes reflect white, and not red?
 and back down here again out of the gales after the breakfast sheep nuts

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn Week 56 Nov 16th-20th 2015

A couple of pics taken last Sunday from our side of the flooding cattle grid when it rained heavily almost all day....this is why we don't attempt to try and drive through it.....the current is very strong - and the level here is not at it's highest

back at the barn, the main ground floor is prepared with a sealant
and the alignment is set, centred on the corridor
 in the wash room, tiling continues into the 2 shower rooms
 and the combined wash room is tiled up to the trim

Reports back from Mike and the builders on Monday were of the HUGE helicopter in the field just below the Chapel-le-Dale church on Tuesday I went down to take a look myself......
take a look at the Cave and Rescue website for the full story and more pics.....

the slate tiling begins - a serious piece of kit is required to cut the slate
all the doorways have de-coupling mat added and the first room gets underway

the wash room tiling progresses, now almost ready for the mosaic flooring to go down,before the lowest row of tiles goes in

the hallway tiling gets underway - tiles will continue into each room with the same alignment
and the first and second rooms are in place

By Thursday, news was that the helicopter was due to fly off, having been winched onto wooden boards on Wednesday - so in passing en-route into Ingleton, I snapped this pic at the manned traffic control...but I missed the flight out. Craven Cave and Rescue clocked up some serious volunteer hours - including those that volunteered to sleep on board for security!
 more tiling progresses at speed....
 and another one....

 preparations for the mosaic flooring include the sealant going down as for the slate tiles

On Saturday, we had the first of the winter snow - very cold and icy, but a very sunshiney day

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 55 9th-13th Nov 2015

The start of the week sees the tiler prepare all the cubicles with aquapanels, batten out and measure up and the first cubicle is tiled up to the border of slate mosaic tiles
Storm Abigail produces very heavy downpours all day, and half way through the afternoon, Wonder of Wood e-mailed me this pic of Philpin Lane when they tried to make a delivery......they should have rung first!!! So Mike had to come home early in order to get the tiler back into Ingleton via Ellerbeck!

 one and half cubicles done by end of day two....
.... the next one along by Weds lunchtime, after which yet more rain stopped play and the tiler left site whilst the lane was still clear.

the wood flooring Take 2 comes to site on Thursday......
 neatly stacked

and the incorrectly finished flooring leaves site....
 Full van again - the guys then will have to unload it all from the van once back to base.....they'll have longer arms at the end
 meanwhile more tiles go up.....

 the toilet cubicles get the lowest layer of tiles in place
 and the combined shower/toilet room gets panelled out in readiness for next week
 over the weekend, Mike continues to take the wood upstairs to acclimatise; the ground floor heating is turned off in readiness for the slate flooring to go in

 and on Sunday, the rooms have a really good sweep and slates go onto battens so that the floor can be sealed to remove the dust...