Friday, 23 January 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 13 Jan 19th -23rd Days 58-62

After a weekend of continuing snow showers and low temperatures on Sunday night causing the steep part of the lane to be tricky to negotiate, the builders made it to site - I think they are now seeing it as a bit of a challenge that they are determined to beat! 

Roof work planned for this week, despite the snow...clearing the snow was necessary first

Careful planning to get the 'random' slates of different heights to fit the battening pattern

When snow came down heavily, work continued inside to clear out areas ready for repair

and the stonework above the forking holes has been removed in readiness for battening out for the patent glazing in the roof - scaffolding was adjusted to allow full access to the windows

 Telehandler put to good use to get the slates onto the roof - tricky manoeuvres skillfully done

Just beginning to see the roof slates appearing from ground level - about 4 rows done

Another layer of snow overnight on Wednesday meant a new tool was added to the winter roofing team's toolbox - a broom! The day was absolutely glorious despite the snow and clearing the battens and membrane was hot work up in the sunshine

the roof layers creep up....

 Friday saw the snow beginning to melt ..... drizzly roofing work

The builders are happy with the artificial slates and they look convincing on the roof - the 'lichen green' colourway matches well to the weathered real stonework elsewhere on site

and the crates are being emptied - these are robust and heavy, and they will be upcycled around here - log stores, shelves for wildflower seedlings, den building, tree houses....etc 

The roof is now not far off eave level and battening out for the front window is underway

Hoping to upload a video of the telehandler at work when the internet is up to speed.....

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 12 Jan 12th-Jan 16th 2015

 Week 12 start sees the temporary removal of the big doors and start of roof despite snowfall 

Old barn doors are lifted out from the base stones and the beam sockets

The builders noticed a dartboard impression on the barn door in low level morning sunlight
& plenty of initials....

the base of the door with its iron lug which fits into the base stone....the wooden door base has sat directly onto the stone where the wear can be seen
a base stone that receives the  lug in the bottom of the door

The top hinge lug which sits into the socket on the underside of the beam

Final repair of upper edges of the front wall and gable end gets underway ready for the roof   - but no pics possible up there

Wednesday this week saw the return of the snow, and a 'snow day' for the builders so all was quiet on site

so a pic of the viaduct in the snow instead

By Thursday am the snow had all disappeared so back onto the roof to complete the battening to fit with the diminishing slate pattern. Very strong winds today, deafening in the trees.   

The first crate of roof slates make it up to the roof scaffolding..... 

 and some tricky planning is needed to take care of the slight shift in the front edge from the dairy across the main entrance way. It doesn't help that the dairy roof is all out of square

Friday saw white covering over the mountain tops at the start of the day and by the start of action on the roof, the snow had started falling at barn level...

1 hour later the snow was covering the roof slate nail holes fast so they couldn't see where to hammer...
The builders decided to leave the site in case they couldn't make it down the lane since the snow was falling quite heavily.....

 45 mins was the right decision

although the sun did come out later after a morning of snow

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 11Jan 5th - 9th Days 49-52

Start of 2015 with radical work on the roof.....despite being the middle of winter!
Front roof tiles off and the eastern end all stripped, new membrane and battens on

The telehandler has been able to lift its bucket up to the scaffolding to collect the old tiles

...and Will has kindly brought and fetched his trailers in all sizes for the tiles with NO nails

 we're hoping that the 8 ton huge green trailer will get all the back roof tiles in...

final battening down of the new breathable membrane in gathering winds by late afternoon....

Work moved inside to clear the old dairy on Wednesday due to strong winds and rain...
The first time this upper area has been seen in reasonable light.....corners looking dodgy

 The head stone has been removed; new lintels now in place, with re-pointing below. 

The pale coloured breathable membrane has revealed the beams in the front bay roof spaces.....unlikely that these will be seen in natural light again once the roof goes on

 Roof removed from rear roof, new membrane and battens in place by end of next day
with the distractions of the building work, had forgotten about the grass....but it's still here!

Tiles  from the rear roof now in trailer - and old battens will be dried out for kindling

Mike hasn't seen yet that I've taken over his log stores with the old battens....

& we hold our breath for an evening of strong gales and heavy rain for the battened roof...

Everything still intact the next morning - the 'bangs' we'd heard were some loose scaffolding boards lifting in the wind. Work inside today under cover from rain and strong winds.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 10 Days 45-48 15th-18th Dec 2014

The last working week before the 2 week Christmas Break saw the builders experiencing some incessant heavy drizzle and winds which reduced the photographic record opportunities.
Propping up the central access doorway whilst additional lintels go in from outside
and inside

The original beams fitted  back into the rebuilt washroom......
On the front elevation the framework for the window over the doorway is in place. This will be hidden from the front view by the Yorkshire boarding forward of the doorway  but hopefully will provide some natural light as an alternative to adding roof lights through insulated metal roof.

Final task before Christmas shut down was to complete the widening of the central doorway.

Work now ceased for the standard 2 week construction industry break. 

The builders should be grateful that they were not on site during the week before Christmas when there were strong gales with unrelenting drizzle with the 'road out'  (under water) once before Christmas and then again on New Year's Day where the heavy rain meant the water rose to at least the top of the fence down in the flooded bit. We had to make the long trip out in the 4*4 3 times within 5 hours since we'd booked for a meal and music at the Old Hill Inn!

We hope that work continues with reasonable weather into 2015....plans are for the roof next....