Thursday, 31 May 2012

Native Woodland Project

Rache has been looking into options for new planting of native woodland in the field behind Broadrake, provided we can stop the sheep from getting in there and eating it all. We seem to be getting a pretty positive reaction from the Yorkshire Dales Park Authority.

We have had a site visit by The Woodland Trust with the Yorkshire Dales Trees and Woodlands officer followed by a "walkover" archaeological survey.This identified two ancient leats (man made water courses) now dry and a man made bank feature of possibly medieval or immediately post-medieval origin and recommended no planting on those areas but otherwise OK.
So now we are just waiting on a ground flora survey which needs to take place in July. Apparently there are "two base-rich flushes marked on the Phase 1 maps within this field" (whatever that means) and the planting area is also adjacent to one of the Black Grouse core areas. So no trees this summer, though to be honest timescales were a bit tight for that anyway.

Provided there are no really rare flowers it looks like we are on for planting about 900 trees in November (offers of help welcome....)