Saturday, 29 November 2014

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 7 Nov 24th-Nov 26th 2014

The start of the week still saw reasonable amount of water where it wasn't really wanted.....

water pumped out....
 and foundations for walls now dug out all the way round at end of the day

Tuesday saw the concrete arrive....beast of a machine

 building site with a view

the concrete wagon driver was very worried about reversing back out....but it was easy peasy

The telehandler was on site by mid-week to move the roof pallets up to site with trailer to help

telehandler lays out the roof slates in size order ready for easier access once roof work starts

more big wagon excitement followed at the end of the day as more blocks arrived in the dark....

ready for more blockwork onto the footings the next day....

note the temporary roof drainage in place

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 6 17th-21st November 2014

The start of the week saw the back wall external underpinning completed - looking solid

Tuesday this week saw the arrival of the roofing materials, but not quite where we need them
down in front of Bruntscar track

they need to be up behind the trees....

so that's 19 pallets at just under 1 tonne each...

Clearing up of back wall to increase access in readiness for scaffolding meant more mud had to come out, but dumper truck's hydraulic pipe broke - engineer on site to fix it 

Back path now slightly lower at end of Day 26...

but more widening and cleaning up of the back slope progressed for next couple of days....
back level now matches inside level

& finished with gravel chips to give firm surface for scaffolding - looks like fully fitted carpet

 levelled out behind house,
so, yes our lounge remains underground, but is dry so we'll leave that as it is for now!

just a little nervous about the steepness of the bank and what happens when it next rains.....

Around at the east end, levelled out ready for new footings for washroom block
french drain needs to go past bedrock
 'peckering' it out bit by bit
Building control officer paid another visit and was very satisfied with progress

so the end of the week saw the foundations in place more than half-way around, but only able to get pictures in daylight on Saturday morning.....after heavy rainfall....
think we might have to do some bailing out over the w/e and hope for dry days....

 worries about the banking were realised; these will have to be retained eventually

and water also filled up inside as the french drain currently has no way around to the front drain.

so much progress and change on site after another view from the lounge....
 will make an interesting sledge run when it snows.....

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 5 - Day 22-24, 12th-14th November 2014

 End of Day 22

End of Day 23 
                        Base concreted and ready for blockwork to go in tomorrow

Day 24, Friday, was hampered by steady rain all morning......rain eventually stopped play outside when the rainwater filled up from leaking guttering, but blockwork had been put in
work continued mid-afternoon....
and a couple of rows of wall stone had been added

 More overnight rain caused a few more stones to slip off the bank.....fortunately Sat and Sunday have been dry.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 5 10th-11th November Days 20 & 21

 First task this week was to flatten the increasing mound - to make way for even more soil

& then a trip onto the roof to take the tiles off the edge so the battens can be walked on.........

Much further for the digger to get round the back now....

...ready for underpinning tomorrow, and an existing french drain has been found....
but sloping in an unexpected direction....down and towards the house corner!

 roof edge cleared

but back down at ground level, its MUD, MUD all the way

....rough going around to the back
very clarty clay after steady rain all day makes digging out challenging

 now underpinned beneath forking hole

 & 2nd section ready for blockwork by end of Day 21