Sunday, 17 January 2016

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 60, Dec 14th-18th Christmas 2015 & New Year 2016

Finally, a chance to update the blog from the last week before the Christmas break!Can't believe it's been 3 weeks -it's gone in a flash. 

The kitchen units get fitted into place, with the plumbing also going into place for the 2 sinks and a dishwasher. A very full tool kit is brought upstairs .... 
along with more serious machinery

Some interesting resting places at lunchtime.....!

the worktop goes on
 and all the way around....
 Looks a lot like a sandy beach with all the sawdust everywhere....

Steve gets architraving around the upstairs doorways to toilet and cupboard - to be painted

& after a clean up before the builders leave for Christmas, the kitchen is looking good

in the small room, Ted has fitted the simple skirting board on, around the curvey wall! 
Now I need to give it a final top coat....

downstairs toilets arrive, in readiness for fitting after the Christmas Break

the remaining bunk beds and beds arrive,flat pack....anyone coming to stay in the next few weeks may well have to 'make their own bed' - literally!

 the first bunk bed is finished, complete with mattresses 
 and the first bed is made

and a pic of the outside.. We're quite pleased at how little it has changed from the original.

A trip to IKEA (Mike has made 2 trips in one month!) and some more preparation by us and the young adults (chair making & cleaning up) 
a 2nd bunk gets made - at least a few bods got a proper bed on Boxing day

Jess had fun decorating the stair balustrading and some of the beams! We were 17 for buffet lunch on Boxing Day; it was useful to check out possible dining table sizes, and to see how 17 would fit in the kitchen/dining space. 

Jess distributed her surprise of amazing animal hats for EVERYONE, and also for absent family members - it's kept her busy in all her spare time since last May. 

 Mike's hat is a hot favourite and has gone down well with the locals in the pubs.

The progress on the barn to date was appreciated by all the family, and they are planning to spend a holiday week here sometime in the future. 

Since the New Year we've at last had our permit from Environment Agency to discharge our cleaned foul water into a drainage field, so work can start on installing the plant and digging out for the drainage field, when the weather is suitable. 
We are now aiming for being up and running by March. If you are interested in making a booking, please e-mail us!