Sunday, 26 April 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 26 20th-24th April Days 122-126

Week 26 sees much progress everywhere; 2nd render ready for HEYDI coating next week

Spring is in the air, and a song thrush attempts to nest in early morning quiet, but the building work disturbance is too much and it is now sitting tight on eggs on a beam in the big next week.

and outside in the garden, more signs of spring as I found a robin's egg just neatly sitting in a hole in the wall - did it get taken short before returning to it's nest!

By Wednesday, the joists start going into place.....

The telehandler does some gymnastics.......

....before leaving site

and off it has been essential to have on site for getting the roof tiles up onto the scaffolding, shifting pallets of blocks around site, and earth moving on a large scale

but now we have the view from the house back

The last floor joists go into the drying room

Large 8"*3" offcuts looking like a garden Jenga self-build challenge....

with the smaller offcuts possibly for a table-top Jenga version....
the un-square& random sized blocks will make the game even more challenging

On Friday, a lovely sunrise to the end of a fantastic week of spring sunshine

The blockwork for the dividing walls in the wash room started going up

On Sunday, Mike goes up onto the first floor temporary boarding to take some pictures of the full floor joists.
These give an idea of the space there will be upstairs.

Looking to the east end - the first bay will be the kitchen - the washer-up will get a good view!

and the west gable end - these 2 bays will be the living area

The small room above the drying the purlin beams in here

and a view down the length of the barn 

Just received some great pics from Dusty who also went up into the roof space with his camera
Floor joists over the first two bays from the western end

View looking across into the entrance bay- will get good views of the old beams from here

Fire escape doorway
Thank you Dusty!

& finally - a shot of the new purebred Swaledale lambs that arrived this week in the next field 

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn Week 25 13th-17th April Days 117-121

2*2" wood is screwed to the inside lower edges of the beams

padstones beneath the beams

The spare beam from the original lean-to roof is re-used across the front bedroom doorways to make a firmer footing for the beams which will support the floor joists

Beam across east gable wall is joined over corridor

Washroom floor is prepared for first pour concrete

New doorway steps to cope with change in level from back to front of the building

.....these were the door headstones to the original back doorway, which were originally old gate posts....we like the continuing cycle of re-use...

the floor joists arrived....

On Thursday, concrete lorry arrives again for wash room and drying room floors.....

shiny new barrow...


and then into the drying room....

Last load...

two metal re-inforcement grids go in..

tamping down

rendering remaining bedroom walls continues....

and more blocks for the washroom divisions arrive....hopefully the last load of these

dry washroom floor 

Barn door beam swapped over to minimise the distance moved from the 
original location