Sunday, 14 December 2014

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 9 Days 40-44 8th-12th Dec 2014

This week has seen the first of the winter weather - snow just on the tops on Monday, but at ground level by Friday. In between, heavy hail showers and strong winds....
Work focused on the washroom re-build, widening of the old original doorway and more underpinning on the east gable end externally and internally

 Day 40 & front wall rises......

....old lintels from original doorway are removed - an old original stone gate post
and wooden central part now quite rotten......definitely don't meet building regs....

internal lintel and new brickwork in place

Day 41 new front doorway

and external lintel and brickwork now in place on original entrance doorway

Work continued through wet, very cold and windy days....steel beam now back in place

By Friday this week, more serious snow

 but builders made it to site after several attempts to get up the icy steep slope on Philpin Lane

 rafters now re-instated

original doorway now widened externally

and also all finished internally

More underpinning on east gable end - externally

and internally

and late afternoon sunshine on snowy fields across to viaduct to end Week 9

Saturday, 6 December 2014


There is scaffolding all around the barn now so we thought we would take a look up there.

The new ablutions block takes shape.

Front where the builders have started removing a few tiles.

And the back

And the gable end

Looks like a proper building site now.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 8 1st-5th December 2014

                               Week 8 concentrates on the washroom re-build and storm drains.

The washroom wall continues to rise; levelling and clean up of the floor area helped remove the constant trail through mud....

Digging  storm drain route to go across driveway to the existing drains

 back corner continues upwards....
by Day 36 wall has now reached lintel level

on back and side walls

A cold and frosty start to Day 37 with sunshine on Whernside ridge - a perfect day

Double skin walling with insulation pegged to inner wall

 Thank you Toddy, for continuing the photographic record to Day 37 

 supports going in for removal of old headstones and wooden lintels - unfortunately current building regs require concrete lintels that extend further over widened door openings, so the old door heads cannot be re-used.....:(

walling continues up to 6 courses with insulation

 By the end of Week 8, the final scaffolding is in place with platform at front for pallets of roofing. We can now apparently go up and walk all around at eave level.......

Down below, more supports in preparation for the door head stone removal, which will be tricky and will wait until the start of next week

......distracted with the first winter flurry of sleety snow mid-afternoon

                    but later the sun returned to fall upon the Whernside ridge behind Broadrake

by the end of Week 8, side wall is up to 2m, ready for front walling next week

& finally, as temperatures fall in clear skies, moonrise to the north of Ribblehead Viaduct

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 7 27th-28th November

For the last few days of week 7 I handed the camera to Toddy to continue the daily photographic record up to date  whilst I had a few days away .....
radon membrane being put into place on east wall of washroom

the scaffolders returned ....

and back walkway is now in place

stormwater drain going in beyond building

corners of wall with tricky radon membrane folds

double doorway for the boiler room