Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 48 21st-25th Sept

Mid-week sees some electrics going in - drops in all the bedrooms
 Motion sensored light in entrance
 and also in the washroom, with independant motion sensor
 emergency light in corridor - neat, and very small, edges to be tidied up before painting
 Drops in a couple of the upstairs bays.....but very short!!! Need to be lengthened so the light is at a useful working height for occupants
 the manifold for the upstairs underfloor heating is installed
 and underfloor piping is ready, once battening is in place, once electrics are finished
 meanwhile, painting of the wash room and boiler room external doors is underway
a good task with the sunshine on your back

and then the top coat....

first coat on the stairwell

 called in at Wonder of Wood on Friday to pick up door hinges and they showed me the main entrance frames - the lower one at the front
 the upper one
 and the door frame
 Wonder of Wood Ltd are based in Stainforth, just this side of Settle, and are a great team of joiners - all the downstairs windows and external doors have been made by them.

to date,we've used 60 litres of paint; still have 4 left to go at....
the paint has fantastic covering power and the 2nd coat is tricky to see where to put it on.....the first coat is thinned slightly before 2nd coat goes on neat.
It's from Ashfield DIY in Settle, and it's been on offer....and they gave us another small discount for quantity

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 47 14th-18th Sept

Apologies for the delay in updating this over the past few weeks - keep falling asleep at the computer after painting days.....
Anyway, please catch up now....

In the last few weeks of sunshiney weather we've had plenty of interest from passing walkers who've been really impressed with the appearance of the renovated barn, they love the colour of the paintwork, the pointing, and if they get a chance to be shown around, have been very complimentary of the build quality, including the lovely plaster finish which is now being painted.

Firstly, an opportunity to take a pic of the re-instated cobbles - which shows the date up a treat with NO need to clean the's subtle,but it is there, and the last digit leaves a challenge, just as it did in the original cobbles. Thank you Toddy for the care you took.

the view looking out into a sunshiney morning

upstairs, 2 layers of paint almost everywhere, just the odd beam edge to tidy up 
 now done with the tower, thankfully, whilst very useful, not a favourite place for me
 first fix for showers goes in

some 2nd fix sockets go in upstairs

 fire box wired up but covered over since the entrance is still open.

outside, the base for the pellet hopper goes in

 and a water tap is reinstated on the outside corner of the wash room
the plumbers have been busy squeezed into the boiler house to fit the all looks very complicated 
 but they certainly know what they are doing - this system apparently is only a small one....!
 on the outside wall, the inlet feed holes are drilled in readiness for the fuel store
On Wednesday morning, the builders have a final tidy up and collect all their work stuff......the blue water bin has been very useful, but I won't be sorry to see the 'blueness' of it leave.
So it was sad to say goodbye to Brian and Toddy, but we hope they'll be back to finish off the last bit of plastering once front window is in, and maybe for some tiling.....I will miss them

Friends Dusty and Jo came around to do some painting for us - it all goes on much more quickly with more hands on deck

The joiners came from Wonder of Wood to measure up for the stairs....a bit of a number-crunching exercise on the mobile phones to get the riser height to work....but succeeded in the end, WITHOUT having to chamfer anything off the head room on the 2nd step.

 Lunchtime with a view for the plumbers and sparky in the sunshine

first fix for washbasins

 toilet first fix
 shower first fix

and in combined wash room

 wiring of the boiler is underway

 Mike meanwhile paints the roof light frames from the giant ladder

 and looks quite relaxed - rather him than me.....

 the smallest room gets edged out in readiness for roller painting...

 and behind a beam, a tortoiseshell seems to have gone into hibernation

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn Week 46 7th-11th Sept 2015

Plastering continues this week - main entrance ceiling all done
 and another bedroom wall drying out

wires brought forward for the lights in the cubicles

 apex ceiling bays now have 2 coats of white

a gloomy pic of the plastered big bedroom - with 6 pots of Leyland Trade Brilliant White with be going on with....sure we will need more

the barn doors going back in.....although this pic makes it look like it's floating! see Toddy's hands holding onto....nothing....!
it is in fact VERY heavy but Toddy and Brian didn't have any problems getting them in since they'd measured it all very carefully before setting the base stones in place

 hmmm, not quite fitting flush....some trimming will be required, as well as the left door upper socket needing a metal plate reinstating to set it a little nearer to the wall.
 some refurbishment is required to the doors...the sign has been removed
the braces will need trimming back a little to allow the door to shut without pushing inside to lock the doors together, new lower braces are needed on both doors

Toddy requested a template for the date numbers which will be set in the cobbles to the front of the doors

which Brian then transferred onto cardboard for Toddy to use 
black limestone cobbles form the numbers, but it is VERY subtle  - as it was in the original
it's just possible to make out the tops of the numbers below the wood....

and round the back corner, Brian builds a small set of steps against the exposed bedrock
from left over stone to get up onto the bottom of the bank safely

and the date numbers are revealed more clearly out the front
The sunshine for most of the week made this task a talking point for the passing walkers

other tasks this week included the concrete base for the hopper gets underway in the boiler house

it's a real challenge working in the tight space - good job we've got slimline plumbers

a new outside tap tidies up the old pipework that originally fed the old bath drinking trough

the flue pipe goes in and isn't so tall after all..hardly visible from the front
the holes are set ready for the suction pipes to feed in from the hopper
can you spot the flue?

I've mislaid my pics of the finished date this space and come back again for next week's blog