Saturday, 27 June 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn Week 35 June 22nd-25th - 4 day week - Builders Day Out on 26th

As if the Damp Proof layer PLUS the RADON layer of plastic wasn't enough, another final top clear layer goes on top of the PIR  - to stop the concrete seeping through the boards....

Pecking out continues.....

Insulated pipe to carry the feed and return hot water from the boiler room to the house 

Plumbers get the underfloor heating pipework in place swiftly

 lots of wires from the corridor to the right so it will be cosy warm along there!

Access at Rocky Corner now much improved...
Toddy's arms are shaking in his sleep after all the jack hammering

 Making way for the insulated pipe...

more battening on the roof rafters in readiness for the remaining roof insulation

Friday, 26 June 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn Week 34 15th-19th June

Apologies for the delay of update to the blog....

FIrstly, an update to all those young birds in nests after the weekend
 the baby robins are looking good - at least 4
 Wash room song thrush sitting on youngsters
the song thrush youngsters in the big barn were getting fidegtty and having a stretch

more rock 'pecking out'in order to get around the corner of the wash room at ground level 

 the next batch of windows and doors with door frames arrive from Wonder of Wood

thermafleece arrived....
 and battening out for the thermafleece is underway - and first bit goes in - netting behind to stop it falling down - the joiner really likes the smell of the wool and how nice it is to handle
 battening out of North wall
 and the south wall.....
and finally on the East Gable wall...the room is now smaller, but will be warmer!

the first pipework from boiler plant room going up for first floor manifold
 and more battening out beneath landing & ground floor manifold pipework in place

Free advertising for Thermafleece to the passing walkers

Kingspan starts going down on floor, over radon membrane, over damproof membrane, ....

....and the plumbers are busy in the plant room

and more wires....

 the underfloor heating pipes waiting to go in......

 the cold water tank makes it above the combined toilet/shower room

and by Saturday, the thrushes had left this nest

and the ones in the big barn decided to fledge just before we had a BBQ in the big barn
one found Jessie's vintage ambulance number plate a safe perch

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 33 June 8th-12th 2015

Sunshiney days all week - hot at last & Jack finally risks removing his thermal layers

The original drainpipes, repainted, with original hoppers and shoes are re-instated at the front

Inside, the internal walls between the front bays are lime pointed to keep the stonework visible

 Brushing off after one day to harden

both sides all pointed up

little more difficult here as the front corner beyond lowest purlin is external, and needs insulation, and the right edge of the wall end has been rebuilt using blocks and needs to house fire actuation call point

elsewhere upstairs the first layer of PIR insulation goes in....gaps left for wiring at present

and downstairs - wires everywhere...the boiler room

and the drying room where the electrical fuse boards will be

On Wednesday, the tanking starts - men from the moon preparing for action
the stuff that is used is very rubbery, and difficult to remove - so full protection advised

 Jack is especially proud of his outfit!
..and the new shiny blue buckets for mixing the solution

 tanking is applied to the walls vertically and then horizontally in two layers
...rough texture for subsequent dot and dab insulation

 and by Thursday the scaffolding finally is down from the back - a lot lighter now inside

although they did leave some bits behind - poles also at the front

Tidied up first thing Friday - now we can see to plan where the water pipes need to come across from the house. Also need to put in steps from fire escape window

The trim goes on over the Yorkshire boarding

 and the boarding continues around the side, gutters and downpipes now in place
 and continues to the back elevation.....

clear all the way round now ..... apart from the bedrock...

Finally - the wildlife update....the song thrush in the wash room front recess has continued to sit, 
despite noise from circular saw, fitting of trim directly above her head, hammering of boarding...

the baby robins in the bank at the back have hatched - at least 4.....
The nest must have started during the pointing up stages but found this on RSPB they were determined to stay. Can't believe that they survived the removal of the scaffolding on Thursday - the scaffolders were impressed with the baby birds and obviously took some care around the nest  - thanks to Bay Scaffolding.
The birds are very sensitive to any disturbance during the nest building and egg laying, and will easily desert the nest if they think that the nest has been discovered. Unless the birds are used to people, it is best to stay clear of the immediate vicinity of the nest until the incubation starts 

and unnoticed by anyone, a second song thrush nest in the big barn - on the south side, so the poor parent and baby birds are gaping to keep cool.....never noticed the nest build, nor the incubation stage - pic thanks to Mark Hewitt National Park Wildlife Officer