Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Weeks 51 & 52 Oct 12th -23rd 2015

First top coat of paint after hole filling, rubbing down and undercoating...bit tricky on the ladder and can't reach up higher than the beam, so will have to get a tall person on a taller ladder....
at least no one can get up close to see that it's not quite finished....
 and a coat of black upstairs....
both sides ready now for lime pointing onto the wood, and last bit of plastering inside upstairs

the new electric board is in place

Pipes go in everywhere upstairs on Friday

 and it's going to be a very cosy cupboard!!!

paint continues up the ceiling and down the wall with the new ladder

 and Katie and Jinx do their bit by painting the last back bedroom when they pay a flying visit

At the sunny start of week 52 - yes that is ONE whole year, 
we have the first delivery of wood pellets

so it's busy on site with plumbers, builders and sparky, as well as BDS delivery
the pellets are blown into the fuel hopper.....this will get some yorkshire boarding around it to stop the glaring shine reflecting off it

 and later, we have lift off when the boiler is ignited!! - some very hot temperatures showing
on the very graphical display

a quick trip to Wonder of Wood to sort out the newel post finish gets a glimpse of both parts
- the anti-slip treads are just starting to go in - not fully in place yet

 and I get to see a sample of the engineered oak flooring - just need to measure up

in the house, the plumbers sort out pipes to link the hot water feed from the back bedroom across to the boiler via the hallway and Jess's bedroom....

 I missed getting a photo with the flooring all up - but it was put back all nice and tidy 

Mid week sees probably the last trip up for Armstrongs Builders Merchants from Bentham
 this time delivering 4 tonnes of sand, and cement for the dry screed to go in upstairs....do we really need 4 tonnes???

Toddy plasterboards down to the plane of the window frame to tidy up the sloping gap 
and plaster goes onto the window bays

and motion sensors go into the cubicles

In readiness for the next day, a couple of pallets of slates are unpacked and stacked away from the corridor

 plus the adhesive

at the end of the day, the Herdy's take an interest

The concrete mixer returns to site on Thursday for mixing the dry screed for upstairs
 Jack worked his socks off keeping the buckets filled for Toddy to rake the 
sand/cement mix in between the battens around the pipes, loading them 
onto boards set up below, and then lifting them UP onto the upstairs floor
note that the door framework is now lime pointed - see the edge above the slates

the eastern end is all done, watering can is used to wet the very dry mix to make it set
but it will be very crumbly and will break if it gets walked on

the pipes fall close to the edge of the stairwell, so note to the joiners, to make sure that they don't hammer nails into the pipes....

 By the end of Friday morning, the rest of the dry screed is down
 - looks like a soft surface bowling alley - note that we have decided to NOT have a wood burner since the insurance company wanted us to turn it OFF at night...and the plumbers said we wouldn't need it!
 and flattened cardboard boxes are laid out to preserve the surface from footfall

At last we have some lights downstairs - just in time for the switch from BST to GMT
- note too the plastered wall done earlier in the week

top left off the entrance lobby light so we  can paint properly

 end of week tidy up sees 9 empty paint pots....still plenty of full ones left to go

Herdy's camped out on the hill for their lunchtime snooze

 the one on the right is my favourite - for some reason he doesn't have any horns....
they are quite friendly, cute
 and are looking very contented

Toddy and Jack prepare to leave site for the 2nd time, having finished the plastering, lime pointing and dry screed. They manage to fit everything into the van, including a concrete mixer and wheelbarrow. They take the empty cement pallet back to Builder Supplies....
 will it fit?
 try it this way
 just need to shift the wheelbarrow out of the way
 and it's in!

so one year on, we now we have a boiler that is heating the water buffer store, and lights downstairs, plus sockets, and the building work is complete!

Monday, 12 October 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn Week 50 5th-9th October 2015

Undercoating underway whist frames in big barn.....no spare hands to help shift it so just painted the accessible bits as a start....

 meanwhile, Ted stars the floor battening upstairs
 whilst Steve fits the glazed window heads - bit tricky as slightly different alignments
 it's looking like maybe the door frame should be black to mimic the black window frames....comments gratefully received...

Dusty and Jo come up mid-week to give more help with painting the big room...many 
thanks as it really moves thing along
 meanwhile, undercoating the beading for the glazed panels on the main entrance gets a warm overnight blast from the AGA...

 and a final undercoat on the upper window frame since it's dawned on me that it will be easier to do this at ground level, rather than trying to paint behind the cart door beams perched on a ladder
 On Thursday, the telehandler is used to pick the pallets of slate tiles off the delivery waggon.....unfortunately it didn't make it up to the buildings due to the overhanging tree branches hindering the high-
sided vehicle - the delivery was also over an hour later than intended, so thank you David for waiting...
 4 pallets all safely undercover in the stairwell

and upstairs Steve cuts the upcycled planked doors to size for the upstairs toilet and cupboard....will need to prime and paint....white or grey??

The wash room and boiler room doors are fitted
& door furniture is ordered in black for all the single exit doors

the lower frame is fitted - some stones are chiselled out to make way
 spot the difference....!

Final level checks before screwing into place
 and since it's Ted's 19th birthday today, he gets to put the foam in!

  On Friday, after small job elsewhere, the joiners arrive in time for bacon butties before getting started...looking pretty pleased with them!
 later that afternoon, I return from trip out to find the upper window frame in and glazing partly done....Steve apparently likes sitting in unusual places

  and since the ladder is required at the front, this is currently also the way up to upstairs...

Frame now fixed - the gap to the sloping old beam will have to be 'fettled'
The frame can now be painted fully, before plastering

 full height view of upper and lower framework...door still to glaze, and horizontal wood to cover the gap, but it's looking great! Thank you Wonder of Wood, and Steve and Ted for the fitting

and over the weekend, Mike paints the small back bedroom, finishes the ceiling in the big room and goes as high as the step ladder will allow in the wash room....

 taller step ladder is needed! - this with 8 steps will do the job

our first visitor to try out the new doorway....threshold a little too high perhaps!

The door gets glazed, and the key pad is added....and the wooden trim goes in...my next painting task, followed by the rest of the framework!

On a trip back from Settle, called in at Wonder of Wood to see the progress on the oak staircase....looking really sturdy - this is the back view

 the 2nd riser set is ready to go - all the parts are waiting close by...
 and to the front of the treads, the groove for the anti-slip insert is in place....