Friday, 28 July 2017

Scything & Hay Making Weekend - 5th / 6th August

Saturday 5th August & Sunday 6th August; 10am - 4pm

Come and help us mow our upland hay meadow undergoing restoration with stunning views all around of Ingleborough, Whernside & Ribblehead Viaduct!

The lower part of the meadow is now looking good with lots of yellow rattle and the plug plants added 3 years ago doing well. We prefer to mow slightly later in the season to allow the bumble bees and butterflies to feed off the knapweed and yarrow and to let the flowers set seed.

We are looking to start mowing 10ish - or earlier, on the Saturday. Please bring a packed lunch; we will provide some home-baking, tea/coffee/soft drinks. If people don't scythe, then there will be plenty of raking up, turning and rowing up to help make hay. Please call the night before, or early morning, to check the forecast here.

We have started making small hay bales with our hand hay baler, so there will be an opportunity to try out this interesting piece of kit too!

It will also be fun to try and make a large haystack! Has anyone done this before? We made this hay rack last year, and stacked almost dry hay leeward side and covered it at night when rain was forecast.

Come for the whole day, or weekend, or just a few hours - it will all help and we hope you will enjoy Broadrake. We have plenty more grassy areas on our site outside the meadow with shake holes and rocky outcrops along with young trees which you are welcome to have a go at mowing too if you want a challenge.

If anyone would like to stay, there is an 8 bedded dormitory available in the bunkbarn or camping in the top part of the meadow which will have been cut from earlier scything courses.

From noon on Sunday we hope to have some local musicians around for a BBQ so if you can make it on the Sunday, please bring something to cook on the hot charcoal.

RSVP - see here for map & directions.

N.B. This is a FREE event, part of YDMT Flower Festival of the Dales.