Back to the Blog - May 27th's been a LONG while....

Been meaning to get back to updating the blog from time to time - the last post was before we opened way back in June 2016! Suffice to say the business has been very successful and we had our best booking calendar ahead of us back in March right through until Sept....:(

The lock down was going to have been a perfect time to restart the blog to update you not only on the bunkbarn and workshops but also with the things we've done around the site too....but it's only happening now after 8 weeks! 

We've been really busy, not only with making the most of the great weather to improve many things around the garden and veggie patch, sewing scrubs as well as being asked to put together an online video tutorial for our local Stories in Stone HLF project - it it was only finished last week - more about that later!  

So, rather than make this post's just to say 'Welcome Back'

Here are a couple of recent images of the house and barn - and if you've not visited in the last year or so, you will notice our new 'sheep defence' is now in the form of some woven willow fedging! keep an eye out for the next blog post....