Broadrake Bunkbarn - Weeks 72-73 - March 14th-27th 2016

A patch of dry weather for over a week provided a good opportunity to get the drainage field pipework into place. Photos have been taken as and when I was around to catch the action.
 A glorious sunshiney day when they returned to make a start...

 covering the vent pipes

 the start of the pipework into the field

 unfortunately yet more sub soil makes it onto the 4th peak pile.....

 back and forth to the gravel heap at the end of the track with the big dumper truck

 the first trench gets underway

 the vent pipes tucked away in place between the buildings looking neat and unobtrusive

and the drainage field is back in place, albeit a whole lot more muddy. The top turves are there, and we'll add some suitable, local provenance grass seed to help the re-growth
we're hoping to use the stone to build up the retaining wall, and perhaps add in some seating, so that the passing walkers can admire the view,which this morning, is atmospheric with mist

Meanwhile, inside the barn, Steve gets on with framing out the shower and toilet cubicles

 and  over 2 weekends, Mike gives 9 internal doors 2 coats of oil, specially for veneered doors, whilst I continue with  filling & rubbing down pin holes on skirting, top coats on door frames,skirting boards, sealing between skirting and slate...ouch my knees...

 and upstairs, Ted prepares and fits the cupboards - the left one is down for the electric wiring for the under cupboard lighting to go in place, which is now complete, along with another socket beneath the right cupboard

and just before the Easter break, Ted fits the doors and adds the D-pull handles & push pads

 the 200mm wide tiles COULD fit between to face the walls.....check with the joiner if that's the intention; tiles will face the upper wall above the door heads

 the indicator bolts are ready to be fitted...

the Herdy girls are now regulars outside the back gate in the mornings....

 ....this one making sure she's not going to miss out

'Come on - get that bucket out here'

Alex and Connor from Wonder of Wood fit the glass so that we can use the upstairs for the blacksmith's lunch on Sunday 20th March

 and the first hard wax oiling gets done one evening - access banned whilst drying over 2 days 

 and after the 2nd coat of oil, the nosing strips go back into place before Easter

So, the Easter Break sees Jess & Matt return with 2 other couples to make it 6 to stay in the barn over the weekend to give it a test run & Mike gets more beds made in readiness
 another bed makes a twin-bedded room at the front...

 and another twin at the back....

 and the last single is made in the large dorm....

and before the guests arrive, a temporary fitting of an outstanding door which could not be fitted fully because it was damaged

  and temporary door latches with string are added to the showers and toilets

After one night some minor modifications are required to remove the horribly bright glare of the battery indicator light on the emergency lights in the bedrooms....

and a mirror and hairdryer are sneaked in from the house!!! 

the verdict from the guests was all good - need to add the hooks to the shower doors, & maybe a shower curtain or half panels....they loved the comfy sofas and the kitchen works very well!

Finally, a late afternoon shot snatched with this cloudy view of the viaduct in the sunshine
Thank you for staying the course of the long blog....
We're getting there!