Friday, 11 March 2016

Broadrake Bunkbarn Weeks 68 - 70, Feb 22nd-Mar 6th 2016 - Plumbing milestone, flowing water

Apologies for the lack of blog posting, but we've had a couple of busy weekends with Ingleton Folk Festival fundraising weekend at the end of Feb which we have been roped in to help with, and then a visit from Mike's Mum, his sister and brother in law, this last weekend. 
All that whilst I've had a horrible cold which saw me lose my voice and now is still lingering on after a fortnight with a niggling cough. 

However, white woodwork painting has continued; door frames are all done and there are only 2 last lengths of skirting to finish downstairs before moving upstairs. Painting on hands and knees with a head cold isn't ideal....

Dusty came around to help Mike last week with adjusting the height of the upper bunk platforms so that there is more headroom for the top bunk occupant. A 3rd bunk was made, but the 2 remaining ones need the skirting boards painted in the rooms before making them.

 All this whilst the plumbers returned to site to at last finish off linking all the pipework so that water can flow in sinks, basins and toilets and showers! 
 a fully functioning toilet....
excepting that we hadn't realised the the 2nd manhole from the showers and cubicle toilets wasn't connected to the main front manhole that led to the water package treatment....doh!

so another trench for the 2nd pipe to join into the outlet pipe was dug and linked in

the manholes will be concreted in

a 2nd outside tap was added, this has the filtered and UV treated water suitable for drinking - 
the other tap with untreated water straight off the hill is good for watering plants & the sheep, cement mixing and cleaning boots but has 'shrimps' in it, according to Toddy!!

the upstairs toilet gets plumbed in too

Last Monday saw Brian and Toddy return to make the pads for the fire escape whose arrival is imminent...
 they also extended the concrete base alongside the pellet store in readiness for the weather boarding panels that will be added around the metal store

the flue pipe has been added so that the upstairs toilet fan actually goes outside!

there are 2 remaining cupboards to put up in the kitchen on the side walls 

and a last bit of skirting downstairs in the biggest room

so getting there; these last stages of filling small cracks, adding caulk to seal gaps on windowsills, painting 2 coats of undercoat and 2 topcoats don't make for exciting photography and the rate of progress has slowed down since it's only me that's decorating. 
Good job I enjoy painting!!

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