Monday, 21 September 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn Week 44 24th-28th August

The start of the week saw the arrival of Fred the racing pigeon.....gave him some bird food

still around on Tuesday & Weds, but making a pooey mess on the washroom doorstep...
so feeding was abandoned in an attempt to get him to go home

back on the building front...the plastering moves downstairs and ceilings and walls go in

just can't work out what Ryan is doing with the stick....

 and the windowsills start going in

back upstairs, the large back wall is tackled with 3 working all together
 several mixes later

and in only 48 mins, the whole wall is there....and it's time for tea break

view from top of the tower......boards all the way across and Toddy downstairs bridging the gap
It's hot work & the bright blue t-shirts show up well against the plaster

insulation slides in above the battens in the washroom ceiling to give another layer

Jess and Matt visited for the bank holiday w.e. and we set them to work with paint rollers

Mike meanwhile is on scarily high ladders across the beams and towers...too high for me

painting the edges looks almost a bit too high.....

  tea break time

we noticed that the tortoiseshell pupae that had been hanging on the front elevation had started to emerge....and below each one, were drops of blood....never thought that butterflies had blood....
  pupae case and emerged butterfly
 and again - the drop of red blood beneath

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