Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Weeks 64-65 Jan 25th-7th Feb 2016

The joiners get a chance at the end of Jan to return to put in the 
skirting and door architraving in place

 and some doors go up too
lots of painting needed on hands and knees for the skirting, some primed already, 
but top coat needed on all of them....
mid-week sees the arrival of the water package tanks
first, 2 primary settlement tanks on lorry one

then, 5 hours later, the main filtration tank arrives....delayed by motorway hold-up

the Herdy's look on with interest....
 interim resting place with a view...it won't be there for very long

the unloading was much easier than the departure of the delivery lorry which went off piste part way down the track....unwise since the field is very wet due to the recent rains
 telehandler to the rescue - pulled from back....
 ...and then from the front back onto the track

Thank you Ian for getting the lorry out of it's predicament and on its way

1st Feb sees the installation get underway with diggers and dumpers at the ready...
 checking out what is what in the tank

digging gets underway - a dry day for once...
the enormous hole for the main tank...

going in....

 settling it into place on the bed of gravel

after the first primary settlement tank goes in, backfilling with gravel

 and the last primary settlement tank goes in.....
all tanks necessary for 20 person accommodation

precision levelling required

 next, the connecting pipe between the barn outlet and the tanks is put in place

all tanks in - looking from the east
 ....and looking from the west
drainage field still to be put in, and connected up, but need to wait for a drier spell

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