Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 67 15th-21st Feb 2016 - Return of the Cart Doors

This week saw the return of the cart doors from the Gayle Mill Joiners, William Lambert and Tony, who have had them at William's workshop for restoration work. 
Thanks William for taking the following photos for me during the process.

Firstly the old spars that were broken and incomplete were removed....

new oak spars were cut with tenons to match the original - 3 on one door and 1 on the other

the original boarding was in a very poor state on one of the doors....
 so it had to go....

 fortunately, Tony had some 10" softwood boards in his stash of old wood...
the beading pattern had to be added by hand to match the original fronts - plain on the back

& William found a box of unused blacksmith made nails in his stash 
which he used to re-nail all the boards back firmly

 the pair of doors laid out together on the work bench....they took up a lot of space 
so William was keen to get them back here to free up his work bench

 unfortunately I was out and missed the full installation process - one door up

and then the left - 1 new spar at the base

 & 3 new bottom spars on the right 
William added brackets for a simple brace to fasten them shut together 
for when the building is unoccupied
- a much better solution to the old bent copper tubing

finally, a well-earned bacon butty for lunch, in the shelter of the recess!
so - the final result....
and the original...before any building work started
it's good to have them back home

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