Sunday, 8 November 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 54 2nd-6th Nov 2015

First handrail goes on - how on earth they got it onto the top floor with only 2 of them
I don't know.....I didn't see that bit. The logic was that it's easier to move it 'down'...
 careful measuring .....
 ....and levelling are required to get the 2nd flight into place first
 the first flight needs some manouvring to be able to get it into place...
first to the left
and then to the right...
and then a bit of a tip over within the confines of the corridor to the JUST does it
 and then it's in the right orientation to move into place
all this was taking place at 4.55pm, when they should have been on their way - dedication
 So at the end of the day, propped into place, ready for landing tomorrow
 and now with the landing
and the treads fitted but not fixed yet
 Wonder of Wood will measure up for the glass panels which will be the balustrading
Ted being creative with the offcuts....
the stairs get wrapped in bubble wrap for some protection - a very wise move
the stairs will be waxed once it's all in place

 On Friday, the engineered wood flooring promised
3-man team - I did try to help, but I only dropped them and got in the way
 all stacked up neatly, to acclimatise
 opened one up to take a peek, then realised that this was the wrong finish....first suppliers confirmed that they had in fact despatched laquer rather than the brushed finish that was ordered.....oh no! It will  be sorted on will have to go away and be changed
great, but just too smooth....

On Sunday morning, in the early light, hence the rubbish quality of the pic, the Herdy's were just waking up at when I went out to paint white stuff....

the Herdy boys like rubbing along the barn wall
 and this one is just starting to grow white hairy chest hairs
 it looked like it might have been a good day with the sunrise, but it rained ALL day
just in case you're missing some white wall are a few after the w.e.'s painting effort
thought the top corner was going to escape me since my arm is not quite long enough
and the top step is too scary
 finally managed it by twisting around...still scary...but avoided the top step
 Combined toilet and shower room gets a couple of coats before the tiler comes on Monday
 and finally the last alcove in the wash room goes white

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