Sunday, 1 November 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 53 26th-30th Oct 2015

Busy at the start of the week with the heat exchanger going into the house - a new airing cupboard is born! It will be great to warm this corner of the back, north side of the house.
 and the boiler is removed and leaves the house

on it's way

 oops - a bit of hitch over a rock...the trolley is not really man enough
 but Carl can do it
 a quick repair to  bend it back so the wheel goes round and off it goes
and there is now a big space in the utility - bit of a tidy up needed
- maybe will be a new home for the recyling bins

after final electric fixes, we now have lovely hot water from the biomass boiler in the house, and the barn is fantastically warm....we will need the thermostat down low on the ground floor. 
We'll be able to get the house C Heating turned on more often this winter too!!

First thing Wednesday, the staircase sections arrive from Wonder of Wood! 
The oak smells lovely.

 lots of bits....the W of W joiners will come to help Steve identify which bits goes where

More white painting continues inside, 2nd and 3rd coats in the big bedroom, entranceway ceiling and walls....but photos of white walls are a bit boring.

In the unseasonally warm 1st Nov weather I started a 2nd black coat on the main doorway up to the lime pointing up the sides....
the door isn't really curved - it's the camera demonstrating barrel distortion.... 
(& an unintentional selfie)
 the plaster is now well dried out upstairs, and so this will be the next to be painted'll be hot work up there

and finally, as the sun drops after a lovely Sunday, the mist rolls in again up the valley....with a lovely faint pink tinge to the sky - Broadrake has been above the mist all day!

 and my favourite view to end the week

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