Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn Week 49 28th Sept - 2nd Oct 2015

Still painting.....stairwell done

 All done in the smallest room

 Took a look in the back field and found these lovely Herdy boys eating the grass down - Frank snook them in there on Sunday when I wasn't looking!

backs of the double doors for the boiler room first coat

On this lovely sunshiney day (every day this week!) the joiners from Gayle Mill take the old barn doors away for refurbishment...William didn't mess about - 'Lets take them now - I can get them on the roof of the landrover, and the bench is empty back at the Mill'

 they loved the trusses in the barn, with the carpenters marks, and liked the renovation
Must go to Gayle Mill to see the barn doors on the  bench.....and get a photo for the blog

 the main entrance frames and door arrive from Wonder of Wood....primed, ready for painting
Steve's jaw dropped when he saw the size of the door - 2.3m * 1m!! 
and the glazing panels are delivered at the end of the week
the electrician gets fire exit lights  in place - yet to add the green running man chasing an arrow
 and the main stairwell gets the same feature light - will look great with the green stickers! 
No one should miss seeing it
first paint in the corridor

wall lights in 

and the smallest room gets light and fan

 ready for plaster now the electric box is recessed

must get the lower beam cleaned up.....a support for the original floor - now much higher

 now all finished and ready to be fitted

On Friday, the wood pellet store is built up - lots of parts and thousands of bolts and nuts!
 more bolts needed to fix the roof on....but  surprisingly, the ladder is in fact to get INSIDE
 so Carl is enjoying his new home
 and bolts and nuts are fixed from the outside and the inside.....they've done a few of these now
 still enjoying the view

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