Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 48 21st-25th Sept

Mid-week sees some electrics going in - drops in all the bedrooms
 Motion sensored light in entrance
 and also in the washroom, with independant motion sensor
 emergency light in corridor - neat, and very small, edges to be tidied up before painting
 Drops in a couple of the upstairs bays.....but very short!!! Need to be lengthened so the light is at a useful working height for occupants
 the manifold for the upstairs underfloor heating is installed
 and underfloor piping is ready, once battening is in place, once electrics are finished
 meanwhile, painting of the wash room and boiler room external doors is underway
a good task with the sunshine on your back

and then the top coat....

first coat on the stairwell

 called in at Wonder of Wood on Friday to pick up door hinges and they showed me the main entrance frames - the lower one at the front
 the upper one
 and the door frame
 Wonder of Wood Ltd are based in Stainforth, just this side of Settle, and are a great team of joiners - all the downstairs windows and external doors have been made by them.

to date,we've used 60 litres of paint; still have 4 left to go at....
the paint has fantastic covering power and the 2nd coat is tricky to see where to put it on.....the first coat is thinned slightly before 2nd coat goes on neat.
It's from Ashfield DIY in Settle, and it's been on offer....and they gave us another small discount for quantity

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