Monday, 21 September 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 45 1st -4th Sept

This week saw the arrival of the water buffer store for the boiler house....1000L!
followed by the delivery of the boiler itself on the Tuesday
 David H was ready with the telehandler to lift the boiler around the back of the wash room.....
preparing the lifting straps...
first stage to get it to the back of the wash room, then set it down

and safely down into the corner

telehandler then moves forward so that it can be lifted up and set down right outside the doors
so going back up....
 and over....
 the boiler was twizzling around at the highest point....David was being directed by Mick since he couldn't see the target ground space 
 and finally gently down onto a pallet
A job well done since it was an expensive bit of kit!!! Thank you David, Mick & Jamie!
 then unpacking....I missed how it actually went into the boiler room....all hands I'm guessing & much better than taking the roof off!!!

 it's a very tight fit, but they are in!!

meanwhile, back inside the plastering continues in the big dorm
 the stairwell
 and the corridor
all looking great and feeling lovely and smooth....brilliant job

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