Monday, 24 August 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn Week 43 August 17th-21st 2015

With the upstairs ceiling now plastered, the walls are next on the list.....
South wall already drying out

and the little room side walls get plastered first
and the velux window sides are completed

next the west gable wall is done - first 2 layers before 9.45am!

a chance to see Toddy at work - he is very proficient and the finish is like glass!
I've sussed that he works alternate surfaces methodically so that he is always able to work up to a 'hard' surface, otherwise the corners wouldn't be good.

 the small upstairs toilet is next - not much room to swing a cat, let alone a plasterer's trowel

and downstairs Joe finishes the boarding out of the external wall that had a big bulge in it - straightened up by squaring up in the doorway into the toilet/shower room

east gable
& drying out
 with the towers still here, an opportunity to get the apex ceiling painted
 a bit unnerving getting up and down, and care needed over the gap between the two platforms, but it's a good height for me; so close my nose is on the beams!

plastering continues downstairs in the first bedroom, and paint is at the ready for painting party next weekend....
 boarding out continues in the corridor, and is almost complete - just one more board to go up

the first two bays painted - brightening up the room already

 tower now in place for the bay the other side of the stairwell - definitely not keen to work off open boards over the stairwell

one more downstairs ceiling before the weekend break

Despite not being ready, Broadrake Bunkbarn has it's first residents....they didn't book in!
I think these are tortoiseshell butterfly pupae - not sure why they chose the south face wall when there are nettles about 5m away, but they've been there at least a week now, blowing in the galey winds.

and finally, a shot of a house martin peeping out...the parents are feeding frequently and they are now making a lot of chatter & a lot of pooey mess on the window and sill!! 
However we are really glad that they chose Broadrake to make their nest.

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