Sunday, 5 July 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn Week 36 29th June-3rd July 2015

This week sees the ground floor rise towards the anticipated final floor level with the addition of concrete over the underfloor heating pipework on the ground floor.
The concrete pump machine arrives nice and early....

 Quay concrete squeezes across his favourite cattle grid
 and makes it up to the buildings with the heavy load - two are needed for the full floor, plus the foundation for the retaining wall encasing the pipework going from the boiler room to the house
no footprints allowed for 48 hours...shiny wet concrete

the wash room gets a rough lower layer, to reduce the amount required for hand mixing and hand levelling to sort the water flows

Meanwhile, upstairs the joiner gets the last rear window and the fire door fitted 
and at the rear, a mini digger assesses the task ahead...
Note the boulder that is threatening to fall away from the bank

in between the two concrete deliveries the boulder has been dealt with and the trench for the wall was dug out so that it can be pump filled after the floor has been filled . 
This saved a lot of man-power!
Later, the insulated pipe is positioned to see that it's long certainly is!
 and plenty of length for fitting in the boiler room

Last doors and window on front elevation going in...

 just need the  handles now.... and maybe some glazing!
Everyone is very pleased with the Lizard Grey colourway specified by the National looks very good against the limestone stonework, and new gritstone heads and sills

  At the back, a big hole to get the pipework into the house back bedroom floor!!!
... daylight can be seen from inside

 the wall makes good headway along the bank using the rock fragments from the boulder in the bank that was about to shear off
 the feed and return and cold water supply is tucked into the corner of the boiler room

on Friday, the hole in the house is mended. The old horrible concrete render which was once underground, looks a mess...maybe we'll have to make it look better at a later stage

meanwhile, back upstairs inside, the stud walls go up for the toilet and cupboard

the last glazing goes in

and the wall progresses well despite the midgy conditions out the back

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