Monday, 20 July 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 38 13th-17th July 2015

This week sees the sheeps wool insulation going in upstairs 
 and down into the stairwell between the stud work

 top of stairwell now all wrapped up
 layer of sheeps wool acting as sound proofing on the upstairs toilet wall
meanwhile the PIR first layer roof insulation is completed
followed by the 2nd layer of insulated plasterboard

 and into the front bay under the eaves on the external walls
 and a change from all those boards, a shot of the lovely honeysuckle at the front of the house which is at its best and humming with bumble bees who love it!

Finally, a shot of the house martin's nest to show that there is in fact a very tiny entrance
We love their quiet chattering early in the morning, and we've seen both parents cosied in together. This accommodation was constructed in one week, no planning permission and no building regs!!!
we'll be aiming to get pics of baby birds as soon as they are peeping out!

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