Sunday, 12 July 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 37 6th-10th July 2015

At the rear, the wall continues along to the fire escape window....

and the threshold steps are put into place for the boiler room

the steps continue beneath the window 
 and a lot of the rocks and rubble finds a home as infill

and finally, old upper forking hole stone heads find a home as the lower steps
 and the remaining flags are put onto the top step. 
...the wire hanging over the window is for emergency exit lighting

meanwhile, the boiler room is concreted 

& in the wash room, the levels are prepared to flow to the central drain for cleaning purposes
ready for the final layer the next day
and remaining shower and toilet areas are filled & carefully levelled to drain

the last doors and windows get pointed up to the stonework...we'll think about handles soon
the studwork in the drying room is now tighter to the wall and looking squarer
The electric circuit boards will eventually slot in behind and between the spars.

The old beams are reinstated into the ground floor bedrooms  - some have been rotated so that the flattest side fits against the ceiling...this one was originally in the corridor between the front and back stalls

and the final one goes in the main entrance

and before he goes off on holiday, Toddy carefully renders up the washroom external face

finally, back on the wildlife front, three young swallows have fledged from the nest between the garage and the big barn - Mike and Jinx you can be proud!
not a great photo, very fuzzy, since it's so dark
They go back to roost, but I'm hoping that another brood might be this space!

More exciting news is that house martins have chosen to build a nest on the house this year - probably because there is a plentiful supply of mud out front! We are very pleased to host these long -distance summer visitors at Broadrake. 
Please see pics below to see how they built their home in less than one week!
Sunday 5th July we awoke to gentle bubbling chatter outside the window....

almost all filled do they get in? or out??
There is only a very narrow opening on the inside top edge left....and the chattering noise is now very quiet....have they barricaded themselves in for the egg laying and brooding stages??

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