Friday, 31 July 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 40 27th-31st July

Another week of making sure that the barn will be insulated as well as possible...
& at last the old electrics are secured to a board that will  house the new electric consumer units

 & the last bit of ground floor ceiling insulation goes up

meanwhile, back upstairs, the neck-bending ceiling work ends and insulation of the walls is started - & not entirely straightforward around the windows

We decided to try and clean up an old floorboard to see how it would work as a sill as there are a good few floorboards filling up the barn and it would be good to upcycle them

 the short lengths can be used first for sills
A few times through the Wonder of Wood's sanding machine removed the old top layers...
the underside looks as good as new and the quality is better than new wood

and the original top layer has a bit more character...& 2 boards joined will give sufficient width
we are now waiting for Wonder of Wood to assess whether there might be sufficient good boards to make the staircase as well....we like this idea of re-using the boards

the stairwell long drop is boarded....

 and the doorway get the sheeps wool treatment before insulation boarding goes up

another day and all the north wall is completed

the insulation board pile goes steadily down

More insulation boards for the ground floor arrive in a 12' 7" tall wagon, proving that it is possible to get under the tree at the bottom of the track.....this driver wasn't phased at all
 safely on his way.....
through the grid, around under the tree and out the other side - with NO mishap!!

leaving a total of 30 insulation boards for the ground floor
 which should be a lot less fiddly with no beams to trim around....

 the electrics are all made nice and cosy...

 and upstairs its now all looking quite complete 

 this leaves just the little room to get the full insulation treatment
& thank you Toddy and Joe for the great tidy up of all the insulation board debris

On the baby bird front - the song thrush has continued to feed regularly and there is a noticeable difference in the volume of baby bird chirps between Wednesday and Friday. No sign of any house martin babies yet; the early morning chatterings continue and the parents are out flying regularly.

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