Friday, 26 June 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn Week 34 15th-19th June

Apologies for the delay of update to the blog....

FIrstly, an update to all those young birds in nests after the weekend
 the baby robins are looking good - at least 4
 Wash room song thrush sitting on youngsters
the song thrush youngsters in the big barn were getting fidegtty and having a stretch

more rock 'pecking out'in order to get around the corner of the wash room at ground level 

 the next batch of windows and doors with door frames arrive from Wonder of Wood

thermafleece arrived....
 and battening out for the thermafleece is underway - and first bit goes in - netting behind to stop it falling down - the joiner really likes the smell of the wool and how nice it is to handle
 battening out of North wall
 and the south wall.....
and finally on the East Gable wall...the room is now smaller, but will be warmer!

the first pipework from boiler plant room going up for first floor manifold
 and more battening out beneath landing & ground floor manifold pipework in place

Free advertising for Thermafleece to the passing walkers

Kingspan starts going down on floor, over radon membrane, over damproof membrane, ....

....and the plumbers are busy in the plant room

and more wires....

 the underfloor heating pipes waiting to go in......

 the cold water tank makes it above the combined toilet/shower room

and by Saturday, the thrushes had left this nest

and the ones in the big barn decided to fledge just before we had a BBQ in the big barn
one found Jessie's vintage ambulance number plate a safe perch

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