Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn Week 32 1st-5th June

This week has seen lots of work upstairs and an
electrician on site to get wires in place before the insulation goes into the roof areas
Last wall rendered up over the stair well
 sparky on site and wires continue to go in

 the circular saw goes upstairs to start the battening out of the rafters to contain the insulation

...and the insulation arrives in readiness

 and goes straight upstairs the direct route!
 the battens go onto the rafters...and insulation is then cut to fit - tricky when each space is not exactly square 

the last bit of new gable wall is finished inside

 and pointing continues outside the west elevation of the old dairy

 the front of the old dairy is almost finished. The top of this elevation looks like the original builders ran out of arm power to lift the larger stones up since the stones are all very small on the last few courses....

a mid-week update on the birdlife....the pied wagtail is still flitting in and out - and the eggs have hatched - difficult to see the bird since it's tucked far back
it's stayed throughout the building work inside the upper dairy loft - amazing!

pointing up continues up all around the building.....just inside the lean-to entrance...

 front now finished....guttering left to do

 all done on the west elevation of the old dairy

&  around the back - the last part of the north elevation on the house pointing is underway
....wrapped up for the night

Thursday morning was glorious -  the first red clover in the front meadow

Mike and Jinx can be very pleased that their build of the mitigation accommodation for the swallow has paid off....the swallow has chosen to self-build

 the weather boarding on the wash room goes up and around the corner - the thrush sits tight despite the circular saw just in front of the building corner for an afternoon

and over the weekend the pied wagtails nest is now empty - but no photos of young

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