Saturday, 30 May 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 31 May 26th-29th

Over the weekend Mike and I cleaned up the old beams and Mike did the woodworm treatment. We hope that it's possible to return them into the ground floor rooms. They will need to be positioned carefully to make sure that they look to be supporting the ceiling....otherwise they will look naff. The longest ones are 3.5m long!

The old boskin frame work we also hope to reinstate, but will need some solid wood replacingat the base of the posts which have suffered from damp.

Sunshine on Tuesday for more picking out - Jack in the shady corner - need to get the scaffolding moved around here once the front is finished.

 Before the end of the day, damp hessian goes up to slow the drying process

 the quickest way to wet the hessian is to put it in a wheelbarrow of water

 some hilarity whilst transferring the wet hessian to the wall - since Ryan was getting quite wet on the ground
 all wrapped up

 First look at the rear elevation pointing.....hoping there is a chance to reveal the stone edges a little more

 lower back elevation also pointed up and wrapped for the night

 despite the return of activity around the barn after the long weekend, the song thrush remains

Front elevation lime pointing brushed off and stone edges revealed
and lower area now underway

update on the Pied Wagtail nesting in the small room above the old dairy.... it's up there right at the back, but apparently the 6 eggs are now hatched and parents are flying in and out despite 2nd render coat going in!!

and outside in the log store alongside the garage, are 3 baby blackbirds  - now fledged

& the best news yet - the swallows are building in the new purpose built nesting site.....and as of Friday am, a swallow was sitting!! Fingers crossed! 
more pics of the nesting swallow will hopefully follow.... 

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