Friday, 22 May 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 30 18th-22nd May 2015

Team of 5 on site on Monday to render the upstairs walls - east and north walls

and the winch in action with a wheelbarrow load of render

....landed safely on first floor

managed to capture Armstrong delivery - weatherboarding arrives

plus yet more sand.........

Wednesday and Thursday fair enough to start lime pointing on rear elevation

all wrapped up in hessian drapes to slow the drying process

and lime mortar brushed back to edge of stones after 24 hours

more first render coat goes in

new doorway framed out ready for rendering up

more picking out on last front elevations

 Guttering almost in - temporary downpipe goes in for the weekend...

and finally, news on the song thrush family - fledged on Tuesday and were flitting about in the big barn
No. 1 very bold and sitting tight very near to the barn door, even when door opened

 No. 2  having a doze on the top of the ladder

No. 3 risking it on the netting....but managed to hop off safely
now all 3 are out and about

....and another thrush nest is being built inside the washroom entrance boarding!!

....tied on by Brian to stop it blowing off in the strong winds this sign of any sitting bird tho' yet.

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