Friday, 8 May 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 28 5th-8th May 2015 - Days 132-135

The start of the week sees balustrading go in place to stop anyone inadvertantly working into the stair well.

With the floor in place, the wall at the house gable end continues up, and the flue hole is broken out into the unused house chimney

'Picking out' has taken place inside upstairs when wet......

 and outside when dry - the back is started first on Thursday in the sunshine

and finishes towards the house end ....... do we continue along to the house? since it looks a right mess with the concrete covering all the stones at the back of the lounge wall - see behind the ladder 

.. so the house is also picked out to complete the full rear elevation

On Friday morning a new electric hoist is fitted to the stairwell to allow barrow loads of lime mortar to be transported to the first floor

picking out on the front elevation at low level is started

and between one of the quoin stones on the entrance, additional packing out is discovered....
an old iron clog heel between the courses! Apparently the neighbouring farmer's Dad used to wear clogs all the time.

so, should it be re-instated into the re-pointing? Jess says we shouldn't put it back in as it might rust....and cause problems... Wondering whether it was put there when the barn was built.... or whether it was just added for 'fun' when the barn with the 1960's concrete repointing...I don't suppose we'll ever find out .... 

Next week will see the start of the lime pointing outside on the back, providing the weather is fit, otherwise more picking out inside....and electrician is due on site on Wednesday for first fix electrics downstairs.

Wildlife News:
Song thrush has nested in the big barn, and on Thursday, one bird was still sitting, with the other feeding regularly, despite the presence of 10 people doing a willow weaving workshop! 
By Friday am, both parents were out collecting food. There is a prolific supply of worms and slugs here so we're hoping for a healthy new population of song thrush here. We'll keep you updated!

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