Friday, 27 March 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn Week 21 March 16th-20th March 2015

This week sees dramatic changes to the inside of the barn.....vehicles inside to do the work

All the loose rubble, rocks and debris is removed and the ground levelled the rubble and soil heaps are rising.....

and outside, Brian sorts out the stonework infill above the new gritstone head

The cobbles in the doorway were cleared and photographs taken before they were removed

 the base stones for the cart doors come out and are stored for re-installation later

All the cobbles are stored in a crate and moved out of the way; they will need cleaning and sorting ....

                       Meanwhile, Toddy works on the wash-room aiming to get the roof on this week....

 inside floor almost all levelled out by Tuesday - just the entrance way left ....

Wednesday morning was a busy site preparing for concrete pour on Thursday

but work also continued on the wash room

membrane in place

All calm at 7.00am on Thursday before anyone arrives.....

 Concrete pumping wagon on site first.....

 concrete arrives - tight on cattle grids and steep hill with all the weight....

concrete pumped in

all hands on deck to level it out

first load emptied, and wagon leaves for 2nd load - 3hr round trip....

half way there - like a mirror

2 1/2  hours later....2nd load arrives
 and just half an hour later, the barn is all filled

Meanwhile, the wash room is rendered up, and lead flashing is in place
 back wall rendered up
and the front corner too...the ground alongside the building is levelled and rocks cleared

 lead flashing now in place
the metal roof colour (Merlin Grey) looks good with the roof and stonework 

Friday this week was eclipse day & with proper glasses, we did manage to see the eclipse a couple of times through the gaps in the clouds - hand held so apologies for the camera shake

Concrete all drying out; no one allowed in until Sunday

Tidy up for the end of the week in readiness for blacksmithing course on Sunday - needing to clear spaces for parking and forges and anvils in the big barn

dumper truck, tracked wheel barrow and digger all tucked alongside wash room

so, all in all, an action packed week building wise.

We did also take delivery on Thursday between concrete loads of a pond liner  which is part of a local Wildlife Project to help increase biodiversity here Friday the news on the wildlife grapevine must have been out .....
because Jeremy? Fisher appeared on site!

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