Sunday, 15 March 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn Week 20 March 9th-14th Days 93-98

Lovely sunrise to start the week
 Busy week ahead with 4 builders on site - aiming to get the scaffolding down and roof lights in

Sill stones going into the rear windows

 Fire escape doorway walling up now completed
stonework on the outside - blockwork on the inside
& damproof membrane sandwiched between

Digging out on gable wall between house and barn for new blockwork wall to tie into the dodgy existing wall with huge bulge which must be where the house upper attic room floor is.....

Sunshiney day on Tuesday - perfect for pointing up the chimney stack

Last sill now firmly in place on stable window

 Acro props now in on old dairy - hefty concrete lintel cast in situ will be a challenge to remove.......

Stonework on the corner of the wash room block is tricky with every stone at a corner
 Corner continues up - blockwork above where Yorkshire Boarding will finish

Hole in dairy wall gets bigger...
and the next day, the old lintel is finally out

 Really hectic day today on site with a total of 6 vehicles and 8 contractors at one point - plus 3 walkers, and oil delivery man!

the 4th Peak has now been flattened - no doubt it will be re-incarnated next week when digging out the inside of the barn to the final floor foundation levels
the local hoggs enjoyed the new landscaping ....and even tried out football with an errant rock

To add to the noise levels, new lad Jack, has been taught how to use the jack-hammer!

 Floor now mostly loosened up in readiness for digging out once internal scaffolding has gone

the gable foundation is now in and drying

 and the pillar on the front of the washroom recess rises

Meanwhile, on the rear roof, the roof lights are now all in place!
all measured to fit in line with the upper forking holes which were all different of course!

By Friday, the scaffolders were back to remove the internal and front scaffolding
 as I returned from shopping trip, the first view without scaffolding

so first views of the inside with new truss beam and fixing, plus roof lights

 and back at the old dairy, the brickwork continues to fill in the hole from the inside

 and the stonework corner on the washroom reaches new heights

 and inside the gable blockwork is about 1/3rd the way up - about head height

and Toddy returned on Saturday to complete the blockwork on the washroom

So, a very good week with lots of progress everywhere, and significant changes to the appearance of the barn, both from the inside and the outside. 

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