Saturday, 7 March 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn Week 19 March 2nd-6th 2015 Days 88 - 92

After snow all afternoon on Sunday and continuing overnight and into Monday morning, not sure whether the builders would make it today - these images were taken just before 8am.

Almost a white out as can only just see Bruntscar farm buildings - it got worse before it cleared

and  builders made it to site after few attempts up the slippery, slidey steep hill - 
David at Philpin Farm likes to watch their fun from his kitchen window at times like this! 
Snow continues all day on and off but building work continues. 

The telehandler is used to navigate a window headstone nearer to the final destination.....

...careful guidance required through the scaffolding into the barn entranceway

final shoulder shove onto wood to allow it to 'roll' further onto the temporary resting place
This head is for the window next to the stable door entrance, so not too far but heavy enough

Both front window head stones now in place with stonework in place and mortar drying off
The new gritstone is looking a bit bright, but a few rubs with my gardening gloves on will dull it. A great improvement from the original 1960's concrete when the windows were added.

Meanwhile, work continues to prepare for the new head on the 2nd rear window - a bit gloomy

but can be seen more clearly from the outside  

- work also starts on last ground floor opening which will be a fire escape window

The sills for the upper forking holes have deliberately been set within the openings, and with only a thin sill, to match the original complete one at the left end of the elevation. 
These original sills were made up of several pieces of stonework, so now more solid.

A couple of extra pairs of hands come on site for a couple of afternoons to help get the remaining blockwork in place on the wash room, in readiness for this to  be roofed.

By the end of the week, all rear headstone and sills are in place, now setting and drying off.

Last few bits of stonework remain to fill in above headstone on fire escape window

and the fire escape doorway will need the scaffolding boards to be reset to complete the top

Now that it's the weekend and Mike is home and able to get up onto the top floor, WITH a camera - (I can get up there, but prefer to have nothing to get in the way of holding on!), here are a couple of images of the new truss beam, complete with steel bracing which was welded into position. 
The new truss is the one to the left.... to the right on this close up shot.
There wasn't much decent wood to sit the new wood into the base of the king post.

A full view to show the symmetry of the new beam - a pretty good match

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