Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 10 Days 45-48 15th-18th Dec 2014

The last working week before the 2 week Christmas Break saw the builders experiencing some incessant heavy drizzle and winds which reduced the photographic record opportunities.
Propping up the central access doorway whilst additional lintels go in from outside
and inside

The original beams fitted  back into the rebuilt washroom......
On the front elevation the framework for the window over the doorway is in place. This will be hidden from the front view by the Yorkshire boarding forward of the doorway  but hopefully will provide some natural light as an alternative to adding roof lights through insulated metal roof.

Final task before Christmas shut down was to complete the widening of the central doorway.

Work now ceased for the standard 2 week construction industry break. 

The builders should be grateful that they were not on site during the week before Christmas when there were strong gales with unrelenting drizzle with the 'road out'  (under water) once before Christmas and then again on New Year's Day where the heavy rain meant the water rose to at least the top of the fence down in the flooded bit. We had to make the long trip out in the 4*4 3 times within 5 hours since we'd booked for a meal and music at the Old Hill Inn!

We hope that work continues with reasonable weather into 2015....plans are for the roof next....

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