Friday, 23 January 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 13 Jan 19th -23rd Days 58-62

After a weekend of continuing snow showers and low temperatures on Sunday night causing the steep part of the lane to be tricky to negotiate, the builders made it to site - I think they are now seeing it as a bit of a challenge that they are determined to beat! 

Roof work planned for this week, despite the snow...clearing the snow was necessary first

Careful planning to get the 'random' slates of different heights to fit the battening pattern

When snow came down heavily, work continued inside to clear out areas ready for repair

and the stonework above the forking holes has been removed in readiness for battening out for the patent glazing in the roof - scaffolding was adjusted to allow full access to the windows

 Telehandler put to good use to get the slates onto the roof - tricky manoeuvres skillfully done

Just beginning to see the roof slates appearing from ground level - about 4 rows done

Another layer of snow overnight on Wednesday meant a new tool was added to the winter roofing team's toolbox - a broom! The day was absolutely glorious despite the snow and clearing the battens and membrane was hot work up in the sunshine

the roof layers creep up....

 Friday saw the snow beginning to melt ..... drizzly roofing work

The builders are happy with the artificial slates and they look convincing on the roof - the 'lichen green' colourway matches well to the weathered real stonework elsewhere on site

and the crates are being emptied - these are robust and heavy, and they will be upcycled around here - log stores, shelves for wildflower seedlings, den building, tree houses....etc 

The roof is now not far off eave level and battening out for the front window is underway

Hoping to upload a video of the telehandler at work when the internet is up to speed.....

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