Saturday, 10 January 2015

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 11Jan 5th - 9th Days 49-52

Start of 2015 with radical work on the roof.....despite being the middle of winter!
Front roof tiles off and the eastern end all stripped, new membrane and battens on

The telehandler has been able to lift its bucket up to the scaffolding to collect the old tiles

...and Will has kindly brought and fetched his trailers in all sizes for the tiles with NO nails

 we're hoping that the 8 ton huge green trailer will get all the back roof tiles in...

final battening down of the new breathable membrane in gathering winds by late afternoon....

Work moved inside to clear the old dairy on Wednesday due to strong winds and rain...
The first time this upper area has been seen in reasonable light.....corners looking dodgy

 The head stone has been removed; new lintels now in place, with re-pointing below. 

The pale coloured breathable membrane has revealed the beams in the front bay roof spaces.....unlikely that these will be seen in natural light again once the roof goes on

 Roof removed from rear roof, new membrane and battens in place by end of next day
with the distractions of the building work, had forgotten about the grass....but it's still here!

Tiles  from the rear roof now in trailer - and old battens will be dried out for kindling

Mike hasn't seen yet that I've taken over his log stores with the old battens....

& we hold our breath for an evening of strong gales and heavy rain for the battened roof...

Everything still intact the next morning - the 'bangs' we'd heard were some loose scaffolding boards lifting in the wind. Work inside today under cover from rain and strong winds.

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