Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Broadrake Bunkbarn - Week 3 26th-30th October 2014

The third week of building works.....and underpinning continues along the back wall.....getting a tad muddy around the back....

 3 sections all joined up

working the next section

The work continues out front clearing the inside - re-landscaping the view!

all concrete byre divisions gone

seems quite large inside now....

latest section of underpinning looking nice and solid

 another large rock has been muscled out from beneath the wall.....

Grass cleared from front in readiness for scaffolding - some cobbles found underneath

 more landscaping materials........

Around the back, the mud is very wet and is making work challenging...

clayey soil removed from working area 

another stone in the base of the wall will be removed...but the builders are confident...
and it made it out to the front.....looks teeny tiny compared to the other monster rock

 bit of a bog after heavy rain overnight

 internal underpinning blockwork seen from outside


all sorts of props!
the water after another night of rain

 great progress after 14 days!

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